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Sodium Tungstate

Sodium tungstate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2WO4•2H2O. This white, water-soluble solid is the sodium salt of orthotungstate. It is useful as a source of tungsten for chemical synthesis. It is an intermediate in the conversion of tungsten ores to the metal.

Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate

SODIUM TUNGSTATE dihydrate Mol. Formula : Na2WO4. 2H2O

Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate A.R

SODIUM TUNGSTATE dihydrate A.R. Mol. Formula : Na2WO4. 2H2O

Tungstic Acid

Tungstic acid refers to hydrated forms of tungsten trioxide, WO3. The simplest form, the monohydrate, is WO3·H2O, the dihydrate WO3·2H2O is also known. The solid state structure of WO3·H2O consists of layers of octahedrally coordinated WO5(H2O) units where 4 vertices are shared.[1] the dihydrate has the same layer structure with the extra H2O molecule intercalated between the layers

dodeca- Tungsto Phosphoric Acid

Mol. Formula : H3PO4. 12WO3.XH2O

dodeca- Tungsto Phosphoric Acid A.R

Chemical Formula: H3PW12O40.xH2O

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